Exoteric Brain Train by Timo Vaittinen is based on two works made with a xerox copy machine. This shirt can be used as a guide when you, or people around you, are experiencing an altered state of consciousness. Exoteric Brain Train can also be worn at home when surfing the world wide web to protect you from commercial radiation, or at dinner parties to avoid boredom.

Timo Vaittinen is a contemporary visual artist based in Helsinki, Finland. He works with different mediums from collage and painting to video and installation. His work is often influenced by the psychedelic and esoteric experiences, and the subcultural imagery related to it. He has exhibited in places like Komplott and Alice Gallery in Brussels, SIC and Kiasma in Helsinki, Gallery Steinsland Berliner in Stockholm and Pori Art Museum.


Front and back print

Long sleeves T-shirt

On black 100% cotton jersey

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