"Deep in the sedimentary folds of the earth’s mantle lies the ancient, pure electronic sound of a wise Palaeolithic civilisation roused from their half-life slumber. The sound of Shamanic masters of an ancient craft learned in hardwired petroglyphs and mystic circuitry. A dormant, cybernetic language whose only semblance is mother nature's forgotten alien tongue.

By channelling psychic energies through elementary quartz synthesisers and Zirconian tape loops concentrated deep in the pyroclastic schists of their underworld climes, the Shamans’ sound summons a dormant humanoid essence and offers modern man redemption from his absurd quest for absolute truth.This is Mineral Techno: the saviour rhythm of the ancient electronic underworld".

- Part of our Mineral Techno collection

- 100% combed cotton

- Black T-shirt


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